Loacker: Wordmark Redesign by Willerstorfer Font Foundry and Desein

The Loacker logotype redesign was a collaboration between Stefan Willerstorfer of Willerstorfer Font Foundry and Roby Attisano. The idea was born during a casual conversation over pizza and beer. Alongside the logotype redesign, the Italian agency Spider undertook a complete overhaul of the packaging line, integrating the new type into a crest form.

Services: Consulting, Collaboration, Communication, Presentation.

Stefan’s notes and analysis of the old logotype (image credit: willerstorfer.com)
Spider’s integration of the redesigned type into a new crest form.
Some examples of the new packaging, also designed by Spider.

Our project in the Page, issue (04/22), Germany’s most popular design magazine. The four-page article Detailversessen (detail-obsessed) in the Page showcases our redesign of the famous Loacker brand in great detail (image credit: willerstorfer.com).


All credits for photos and images go to Loacker (loacker.com), Willerstorfer Font Foundry (willerstorfer.com) and communication agency Spider (spideradv.it)