Designerds: Interdisciplinary Talks

October 14, 2016, was the first international design conference in Bolzano. Meeting point for graphic, interaction and multimedia design lovers, human interface and motion design enthusiasts, typography addicts and calligraphy fans. Grandmasters connect with newbies, professionals get in touch with students, experience mixes up with a fresh drive. Be part of it!

Services: Self-initiated Project, Event Management, Website, Posters, Big Prints, Brochure, Typographic Rulers, Chocolate Packagings, Bags and Shirts.


Management, Organisation, Consulting: Desein, Claudia Frass, Martina Pellegrini, Sandra Rafreider, Katarina Mair
Photos: Seppi Werbefoto, FlipFlop Collective (
Calligraphy: Lisa Plattner (, Ilaria Cappuccio